LA Sutherland services

LA Sutherland group provides 360 food and nutrition strategic counsel to public and private organizations and consumer brands. We can assist with a one-time need to providing a fully externalized nutrition team to support a client’s team and business.

We don’t approach food and nutrition through one lens; we approach it through the nexus of all three – communication, policy and science.



Our team is aware of cutting-edge issues and can uniquely take complex science and policy issues and create simple consumer and stakeholder messages and communication. Our clients often say, ‘I don’t want a PhD in nutrition to be able to understand the issue.’ So leave that to us.

Services include

Message development, competitor landscape audit, brand and product positioning, response mechanism development & management, statement and media materials, media management, earned media and social media monitoring, full communication plan development and implementation.

Scientific Affairs

With expertise in quantitative and qualitative research methods we specialize in working with large datasets, such as NHANES, to focus group conduct to the administering of one-to-one interviews.

Services include

Literature reviews, white paper development, NHANES and large data set analysis for health, diet, food and nutrient trends, manuscript preparation, consumer trends, qualitative interview and research methods, and translation of science for communication and policy recommendations.

Policy & Regulatory Affairs

We provide up-to-date guidance and recommendations by constantly monitoring state, national and international food and nutrition policy in this rapidly changing global environment.

Services include

Monitoring regulatory activity across US and global agencies including but not limited to the US Food and Drug Administration, United States Department of Agriculture, Federal Trade Commission, Health Canada, European Food Safety Authority, and Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, state nutrition policy monitoring; developing and submission of comments to relevant issues; and managing urgent, emergent and ongoing food and nutrition issues. Our team is particularly adept at providing expertise and counsel on FDA and USDA Codes of Federal Regulations, including health claims, Dietary Guidelines, school nutrition, WIC and SNAP programs and policies.